Sarah Really Helped Improve Our Love Life On Lick At A Time!

Last year was my second year in college. After returning home for the summer my boyfriend greeted me with open arms. It has been so long since we had been together and the first night was amazing! But after only a week of love making I started to get bored. My boyfriend and I were having some troubles in the bedroom and we needed to do something about it fast. I was talking to my best friend Sarah who was also home for the summer. We talked about my sexual boredom and she suggested that my boyfriend and I spice things up a bit by letting him lick my pussy. At first I was shocked at my friend’s suggestion because I had never had oral performed on me before. But after Sarah explained that it was a wonderful experience I was ready to try.

The only problem we had was the fact that my boyfriend had no clue how to perform oral. So my friend suggested something that I never thought that would come out of her mouth. Sarah told asked if it would be ok if she showed my boyfriend what to do. You see, after starting college, Sarah had become bisexual. I thought about her suggestion very hard and finally decided to take her up on her offer.

I invited my boyfriend over on a Saturday night and Sarah was going to be there with me. We were going to surprise him with our idea and hope for the best. When I told my boyfriend why Sarah was there he was also shocked. But he was up for the idea and he too wanted to bring more excitement to our bedroom. It all started when I laid on the bed. Sarah and my boyfriend came over to me and Sarah slowly took my panties off. She began licking my pussy very slowly to show Mike how to do it. I moaned very loudly because it felt so wonderful and then Mike took his turn. Mike and Sarah both licked my pussy that night and she did a wonderful job of showing Mike what to do. Now that my boyfriend knows how to lick me the right way we have much more fun in the bedroom! I am very thankful to Sarah who showed him how to work his tongue so that it feels like magic.

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