Men living in the United States married a London Escort and decided to migrate to start a new beginning

I haven’t no idea that I would leave this country too soon since this is I were born, grow up and make life. I am Mark Smith, twenty six years old and living in United States. My life here is comfortable since our family is wealthy and has businesses here. I am the only son and I get all I want in life. My parents are even supportive to me since I was a kid until now. I still can remember how my parents cuddles me on weekend since they decided no work during that days and focus on me. For the whole week, I could barely see them, because when I woke they already leave and they arrived late and I was asleep. My parents don’t lack of love on me since I understand them. They are able to explain with me the situation so no hard feelings. When I was twenty two my mother died because of cancer and after a couple of months my dad follows. It was a painful year to me to look back, both of my love has gone and all left is me and the business. I promise myself to take care of the business as much as possible. And I was lucky enough on the four years of taking it over, the business more grows and become famous all over. I have seen changes on myself, I’m getting old and I haven’t seen any potential woman that can take care of me too for a lifetime. I need to fly to London since I have to attend a special event. I let my secretary book me an escort in London. When everything seems good, I flew directly to London. I got a message from my London escort to fetch her at the said place. I can see her glowing beauty and she is perfect in her white dress. I was amazed on her looks and smile. I was supposed the talkative guy but she makes me speechless. It was my first time to get curious on how I look. I hope I look okay that day. I keep my eyes to her even on the event. She prepared me food and eat together. When the event has done, I asked if I can see her and she nodded. Months passed, I have express my feelings and luckily we have the same. Our relationship is smooth and still together for years. I have also proposed to her and tied the knot on London. I decided to migrate and start new beginning there and build another branch for my company.

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