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Dating today has become a very complicated game of rules and faux pas that have been established by numerous self-proclaimed relationship experts. As if being single were not already complicated enough, now we are required to follow socially acceptable guidelines? Dating should be fun and not a complex social interaction according to Woodside Escorts from Maybe if we make a conscious decision to break the rules of dating, we can begin to fully enjoy the company of one another for what it is and not what we are expected to be.


To begin to unravel the complications of dating, one might consider going back to origin of their dating experiences. Remember when you first started dating? For most of you, that was probably your teenage years or early adulthood. Remember how uncomplicated things were back then? You would go on a date with someone and you either liked someone or you didn’t. If something sparked you likely asked your companion to be your boy/girlfriend and it was as simple as that according to Woodside Escorts. You were likely not worried about finding someone to marry and your biological clock was not screaming at you to hurry up and find a mate so your mom will stop asking about grandchildren. Issues of adulthood and societal expectations can hinder our dating experience, ability to live in the moment, and be ourselves.


As an adult, dating becomes more about finding a companion than having a good time. Our priorities change and so do our expectations. That does not mean we should necessarily lower our expectations but rather that we should keep an open mind and consider that first impressions may not always be necessarily accurate according to Woodside Escorts. Physical attraction is not always a great indication of long-term companionship either. Just because you may not be initially attracted to someone physically, as you get to know them, they may become more appealing and an attraction can develop over time. Ask yourself, “Do I want someone who will look good or do I want someone I feel good being around?”


Like attraction, another significant issue of dating as an adult is honesty. Not only is it important to be honest with your date but, and possibly more important, we need to be honest with ourselves about what we want according to Woodside Escorts. If you go on a date and things go great but you hold back on calling your date the day after in fear of breaking some faux pas date rules, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to be establish a relationship with your date by be honest about how you feel about them. Life is too short to be restricted by the rules of dating. Be true to yourself; keep an open mind, and an open heart.

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