Booking a Black Escorts for the first time and amazed by her

One of my dreams is to go to London and stay there. I still can remember my mom’s stories about the place; she says that it was big and beautiful. You can find many places to stroll and food to eat. You will love the cold weather and people are approachable. My mom worked in a famous restaurant in London, and she barely goes home, but if she did, she would tell me everything she has been through. When I was still a kid, I used to live away from my parents, my father worked in Chicago and just like mom she barely goes home, so my grandmother left me. She is a bit old, so I’ve got to help her doing household chores. I loved when my mom went home, she likes to cook me British food, and that’s one of my favorite. She also brought me souvenirs, and I keep it for soon I will go there a place to place. I understand our set-up, I have no hard feelings towards them. Growing up without them makes me more mature, I decide for myself, and I always do what is right. I don’t want to disappoint my parents they worked hard for me and trusted me in my life. I am grateful that they are not manipulative just like what I have noticed to some parents, they have supported me throughout my life, and in return, I will study hard and make them proud. I never got any girlfriend since I focus myself on studying. And then, I met this beautiful woman who is perfect to my eyes, she is an American but I love her skin color, she is black, and have this sexy body, long black hair, and I was just attractive by her. She is my classmates, and people have been bullying her, ever since. But I don’t think she is ugly, for me she outstands to everyone. She never fights back until this group of girls belittled her and I had defended her over those women. She thanked me, and I ask a favor if we could have snacks. We went out, and we discuss. She has shared that at the end of the semester, she will go back to London. She stays in London.


Years passed, I haven’t seen her again after the semester end. I have also finished school and hoping to see her when I go to London. I have booked a Black escort from since my mother recommended me. When I saw the women, I was shaking and cannot explain my feeling, it was her, my crush and she is now a Black escort. I cannot imagine she became more beautiful than ever.

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